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For JQ6500 owners without the upload tool on the device.
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JQ6500 rescue tool


21.11.2018 Added a valueble hint: The tool was compiled for 64Bit-Systems. 20.11.2018 I am looking forward to make a rework in december.

For JQ6500-16p owners with no Windows upload software on their device. Right now, it only works on x86_64 CPUs, a 32Bit version will follow soon.

What's new? See the newsblog.

Some of the 16MBit and almost every 32MBit variant come without the windows upload tool, that autostarts, when you plug in the device, makes them, espacially for Windows users, almost useless. Luckily, there ist an existing tool written by Reinhard Max - for Linux, but Windows users are still left alone. Until now.

This repository provides all the helpless owners with two tools:

  • Linux Users: A tool to upload a missing upload tool or directly upload MP3 files on your device.
  • Windows Users: A very small ISO image with a simplified batch script for run the tool above on a CDROM/DVD or USB stick. It supports both UEFI and BIOS.

Which kind of JQ6500-16p module do i have?

There are two common variants: 16MBit und 32MBit. But there are also 8MBit, 64MBit, and even never-seen-by-myself 128MBit modules. To be sure, take a look at the larger IC on the backside, maybe with a magnifying glass. 16 MBit modules are labeled with 25X16 like 25Q16 or 25L1606E, 32 MBit modules are labeled with 25X32 like 25Q32CS16, so the numbers after the first 3 characters describe the size: A label beginning with 25X128... should have 128MBit flash. BTW: 25 means Serial Flash.

JQ6500-rescue-tool is a simple package of

  • Minimal Linux Live from Ivan Davidov
    with a small frontend and some small modifications. It's a very well documented small distribution!
  • JQ6500 Linux tool from Reinhard Max
    with small changes for 32MBit support. It is beerware... ;-)
  • The original MusicDownload.iso, provided by complete JQ6500-16p 16Mbit with a patched versions for 8MBit, 32MBit, 64MBit and 128MBit modules.


├── ISO/
|   UEFI/BIOS compatible tool image.
|   └── modified/
|       Modified files for the standard Minimal Linux Live distribution.  
└── JQ6500_tool/
    Linux command line tool with source and instructions.  
    └── JQ6500_iso
        The missing images for the JQ6500.
        ├── ISO_8MBit/
        |   ISO for 8Mbit modules.  
        ├── ISO_16MBit/
        |   ISO for 16Mbit modules.  
        ├── ISO_32MBit/
        |   ISO for 32Mbit modules.  
        ├── ISO_64MBit/
        |   ISO for 64Mbit modules.  
        └── ISO_128MBit/
            ISO for 128Mbit modules.


  1. You need the prepared ISO-image from this repository from here jq6500_rescue_tool.iso.
  2. Create a bootable medium. Right click on jq6500_rescue_tool.iso und select Burn disc image, insert a blank CDROM oder DVD and press Burn.
  3. Restart your computer and boot from Disc (usually bei pressing F11, F12, DEL or whatever during startup, see your mainboard manual).
  4. Plug in your JQ6500-16p.
  5. After boot process (max. 1 minute), you can select 1 for 16MBit or 2 for 32MBit. Wait until the flashing process is finished.
  6. Unplug your device.
  7. Reboot to Windows by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. Yes, reset. Don't forget to boot from harddisk again...
  8. Plug in your device again and enjoy the funny Chinese interface :-) Congrats, your module is usable again.


  1. Plug in your device.
  2. In a terminal, enter the JQ6500_tool folder.
  3. Run
    ./jq6500 -r -o 0 JQ6500_iso/ISO_8Mbit/MusicDownload.iso for 8MBit modules or
    ./jq6500 -r -o 0 JQ6500_iso/ISO_16Mbit/MusicDownload.iso for 16MBit modules or
    ./jq6500 -r -o 0 JQ6500_iso/ISO_32MBit/MusicDownload.iso for 32MBit modules or
    ./jq6500 -r -o 0 JQ6500_iso/ISO_64Mbit/MusicDownload.iso for 64MBit modules or
    ./jq6500 -r -o 0 JQ6500_iso/ISO_128Mbit/MusicDownload.iso for 128MBit modules.

This tool can even upload MP3-files to your module. Just type ./jq6500 [PATH_TO_YOUR_FOLDER]/* This will upload all files in the given folder. Very handy!

Related sites

The JQ6500-16p has it issues, but is very easy to handle with an unbeaten price. If you are interested in other project or in programming the module by yourself, here are some related sites you may be interested in.

Arduino library

There is a slim and easy library available, written by James Sleeman. He also made a video on how to use the Windows interface for non-Chinese owners and gives some useful hints for a better hardware handling.


My first project with the JQ6500-16p. And the reason for this repository. NOKOlino, a cuddly small speaking monster, is quite succesful but there are many makers without Linux knowledge. NOKOlino is to be for everyone, so i made this tool.

At last...

You've got ideas? Suggestions? Bug reports? Feel free to contact me and contribute!

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