9. Using custom images

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I already have card images somewhere on my PC. How do I make Mtgdb.Gui use them?


  • Understanding XML syntax and how to comment and uncomment XML sections.
  • A good text editor with XML syntax highlighting and syntax validation. Personally I use Notepad++.
  • If the points above contain a lot of unfamiliar words to you, then don't continue, it's not worth it :) Use update window instead.


Edit the configuration file \etc\Mtgdb.Gui.xml. You will find more details in XML comments within the file.

Export images to Forge

In console window (Win + R cmd.exe Enter) navigate to \bin\<Latest version>\ subdirectory of Mtgdb.Gui

and execute:

Mtgdb.Util.exe -forge


Mtgdb.Util.exe -forge -set AKH

to replace images in a specific set

Forge is a very feature-rich application to play Magic The Gaghering.

Using www.slightlymagic.net card image collections

  • Open etc\Mtgdb.Gui.xml
  • Find the section <ImageLocations>
  • Read the comments above commented <Directory /> tags. There you will find a download link and a brief description of images to be downloaded.
  • Uncomment the <Directory /> tags you want
  • Download images to the location specified in <Directory Path="..." />

You can also setup <ImageLocations> <Directory /> tags to use your custom images.


High DPI scaling

Increasing screen DPI from default 96dpi you can make Windows applications display larger fonts and scale up most user interface elements. Mtgdb.Gui will scale itself correctly. High DPI can be enabled in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display

With high DPI small card images (LQ) will look blurry because are scaled up in size to fit a display area with larger size in pixels. To avoid blurness

  • do not download small images from Update window. Zoomed will be automatically used instead of small ones.

  • in case you already downloaded LQ images you may

    • either remove or rename LQ images directory \images\Mtgdb.Pictures\LQ
    • or disable using LQ images in etc\Mtgdb.Gui.xml by uncommenting
    <!-- <Directory Path="images\Mtgdb.Pictures\MQ" Zoom="Any" /> -->
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