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A sensible static site generator that runs on Windows and uses Razor templates and CommonMark markdown, based on champ.
Built so you can focus more time on writing content and less on fiddling with markup.

Features include:

  • Intuitive pathing system
  • Uses Razor template syntax for layouts
  • Uses CommonMark (Markdown) markup
  • Supports reusable components
  • Callbacks to resolve URLS for subdirectories
  • Automatic conversion of .less files
  • Automatic file regeneration via the --watch option
  • Can be used as a library in your project with SiteBuilder.ProcessPageNode()

What's New

  • Implemented CommonMark.Net for markdown parsing

What's Different

Download champCM

The tool is packaged as a single .exe file. Download the latest release of champ.exe from here: champCM v1.0

Getting Started & Examples

Using champCM is exactly the same as champ. Have a look at the Getting Started info there for more.

You can find a host of examples, with source and live demo, at the champ-examples project.

Project Info

Why champCM? (as opposed to champ)

I, too, really love the idea of pre-generated content pages as a way to make building a site much simpler. After a lot of investigation of other generators such as Jekyll and Metalsmith left me confused, I discovered champ. It suits my needs quite well, except it would stuff up my Markdown just a bit too often. So I decided I'd fix that by changing how it parses Markdown.

What's Next?

  • Add automatic conversion of .sass files

About the Codebase

System Requirements

  • .Net Runtime 4.5.1

Licence: MIT



A sensible static site generator that uses Razor templates with CommonMark Markdown files and runs on Windows.





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