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tiny hostname based http redirector service
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Tiny hostname based http redirector service.

You have a small local network and frequently need to access certain services within that network. Of course you already have a local DNS server, however many of your little services don't run on port 80, you are too lazy to set up a proper proxy and you want to be able to access them via multiple names anyway.

RedHost to the rescue!


# setup
pip install -r requirements.txt

# configure (see below)
nano red.yaml

# run
sudo python

Example configuration which does several redirects:

  "photo.svc" : "8080"
  "music.svc" : "8081"
  "video.svc" : "8082"

  "storage.lan" : ""

Such a configuration is particularly useful if you set up your dns server to proxy all *.svc requests to the host which runs RedHost. In this case the host running RedHost also runs a lot of other services, therefore we only need the portRedirects which will only change the requested port and leave the hostname as is.

If you then request http://photo.svc/ in your browser you would be redirected to http://photo.svc:8080/.

If you want "full" redirects simply put it in the redirects section.

Example dnsmasq config

To get the *.svc redirect as described above add this line to your dnsmasq config:


This would resolve any .svc addresses you request always to the address.

(c) 2016 Paul Klingelhuber

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