NodeBB plugin for sending emails via SMTP services
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Deprecation Notice: The functionality of this plugin has been integrated into the NodeBB core. In the Email settings enable Use external email server to send emails and then choose Custom Service.

NodeBB plugin for sending emails via SMTP services


  • Install this plugin via the "Plugins" page in the ACP
  • Then enable the plugin in NodeBB's Admin Control Panel in the Plugins tab.
  • Restart NodeBB


  • Open NodeBB's Admin Control Panel
  • Click on the Emailer (SMTP) item in the Plugins section
  • Set hostname, port, user name and password fields
  • Click on Settings and set the desired address to use on the Email tab.

Features to add

DKIM signatures
Popular services (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)


Original Author: AlfredDobradi

The NodeBB team is currently taking care of maintenance upgrades for this plugin (compatibility between versions). If anybody wishes to become the core maintainer of this plugin and add new features, please give us a shout on this plugin's thread on our community. :)