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Friendship plugin ala facebook
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Friendship plugin ala facebook

Replaces the default follow mechanic (ala Twitter) with a moderated friending system which allows users to approve/deny friend requests.


If you want a friends button in the /users list, add the following in partials/users_list.tpl

<!-- IF users.isFriends -->
<button class="btn btn-link friend-button" data-uid="{users.uid}" data-type="unfriend" data-username="{users.username}">Remove Friend</button>
<!-- ELSE -->
<button class="btn btn-warning friend-button" data-uid="{users.uid}" data-type="friend" data-username="{users.username}">Add Friend</button>
<!-- ENDIF users.isFriends -->

Integration with Write API

If you have the Write API Plugin installed, the following routes are exposed for you to use:

  • /friends/:uid
    • GET /
      • Retrieves all friendship-related data pertaining to the user specified via uid, including pending friendship data
      • Can only be called by an administrative account
    • POST /
      • Requests a friendship from user specified via userslug, or accepts a pending friendship, if one is outstanding
      • Accepts: Nothing
    • DELETE /
      • Unfriends the user specified via uid (relative to the calling user), or rejects a friendship request, if one is outstanding
      • Accepts: Nothing
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