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NodeOS usersfs

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This package generates a read-write users filesystem for NodeOS for demo purposses. It has a root user (used to initialize some sub-systems) and a logable nodeos user with some basic pre-installed packages like a shell (nsh) and some basic tools and demo commands. You can login using password nodeos.

To create you own users filesystem, its structure is just that each folder on root directory will be considered a valid user, and each one must have unique UIDs & GIDs diferent from the others, being this ones different of zero, and ideally set with an umask 0077 (access only to owner).

The system will craft a per-user root filesystem on top of each one of the users directories. If there's a (non mandadory) user folder with UID & GID equal to zero (normally root user), this will be considered specially and will have a home mount point with the root of the partition, so it can access to the users home folders for administrative purposses.

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