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Nodeclipse team blog


We got 150+ installs in the first week on Eclipse Marketplace!
nodeclipse-1 moved to
April 10th: We are in TOP100 on Marketplace!
April 24th: We are in TOP50 on Marketplace!
1072 installs only through Marketplace client in April.
May 1st 2013, Adam Schmideg & Formula/400 have blessed Nodeclipse to be new home for CoffeeScript Editor.
May 3rd 2013, Node Tool Suite aka NTS (Eclipse distribution with Nodeclipse-1 & Enide solution) is release on
2013-05-19 Nodeclipse 0.4 is released.
2013-05-23 There was slow Internet connection, and deny of service ("No repository found" message in Eclipse) around period from 2012-05-22 21:00 UTC to 2012-05-23 9:30 UTC. This should be related to cloud provider hosting GitHub pages. Please report if you are unable to install. We look carefully.
1318 installs only through Marketplace client in May, TOP40 with position 38.
2013-06-27 Nodeclipse NTS 0.4.10 was released.

  • June results:
    • Nodeclipse 304 clickthroughs, 1763 installs with 32 rank on Marketplace 1% of all Marketplace installs,
    • Enide 3496 clickthroughs. It is hard to say number of installs because some users maybe don't want to install this ways, while others can use the file to install on all machines in their company.
    • Nodeclipse NTS got 16 clickthroughs and 49 installs. While once again own Eclipse distribution is not what most users want (at least as it seems after several days), this time it goes with all popular Enide plugins set. And because Enide has run into bug in new Eclipse Kepler. So for those wanting to save time installing all plugins on Kepler, ready to use NTS is good option. Downloading one big file from SourceForge may be quicker that installing 13 plugins from different updates sites.
  • July results:
Solution Clickthroughs Installs Rank Notes
Nodeclipse 285 2183 ( 1% ) 31 / 660
Enide 4457 ? ? Not useful in Eclipse 4.3 Kepler (only as information source)
Nodeclipse NTS 48 725 USA 17%
  • August results:
Solution Clickthroughs Installs Rank Notes
Nodeclipse 317 2245 ( 1% ) 24 / 662
Enide 4963 ? ? Not useful in Eclipse 4.3 Kepler (only as information source)
Nodeclipse NTS 32 824 China 21%
CoffeeScript Editor 13 161 188 / 662
GFM VIew 32 572 83 / 662
Git Addon 30 326 132 / 662
  • September stats:
Solution Clickthroughs Installs Rank Notes
Nodeclipse 330 1917 ( 1% ) 30 / 668
Enide 7269 ? ? Not useful in Eclipse 4.3 Kepler (only as information source)
Nodeclipse NTS / Enide Studio 5+15+50 1,038 USA 16%
CoffeeScript Editor 2350 311 132 / 668
GFM VIew 17 585 82 / 668
Git Addon 5 400 110 / 668

December 2013

Nodeclipse became #1 in Eclipse Top 10 NEW Plugins for 2013

Solution Clickthroughs Installs Rank Notes
Nodeclipse 287 740 62 / 685
Enide 10567 1588 28 / 685
Nodeclipse NTS / Enide Studio ? 6,674 Brazil 80%
CoffeeScript Editor 12 206 159 / 685
GFM VIew 15 456 86 / 685
Git Addon 10 260 139 / 685

Check also blog itself and Eclipse Node IDE Hints


One-stop shop for Node.js tools.

We can't develop everything at once, but we let you know what are the best things around for Node.js development with Eclipse.


  • Creating default structure for New Node Project and New Node Source File
  • Creating new Express project
  • JavaScript Syntax highlighting
  • Content Assistant
  • NPM support
  • Debugging - Breakpoint, Trace, etc... via Eclipse debugger plugin for V8
  • Markdown (*.md files support; see Enide below)
  • Support for Juno


via Eclipse Marketspace or
Download site v0.1.8, v>0.3:
Download site v>0.2 (Nodeclipse-1):


Check out great article and watch video.
For debugging check Using-Eclipse-as-Node-Applications-Debugger

For Markdown:

  1. Window -> Show View -> Other... -> Markdown
  2. Click inside "Markdown HTML Preview" view to refresh rendering
  3. (Optional, may be useful because double whitespace is hard line break) Show whitespace character via Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors : checkbox labeled "Show whitespace characters"

Developing & Contributing



Nodeclipse organization has several repositories. Use star to vote on what feature/repository, you think is most important.

Main effort is Nodeclipse-1 Eclipse plugin. v>0.2 (and expected 0.3) by Tomoyuki Inagaki; in development;
web-site 1
web-site 2

Old repository v0.1.8 by LambGao; update 4 months ago

Currently we focus on collecting ideas, and getting users feedback. For that we promote our project in developers communities and to our friends.

We are to come to regular releases in the future. But for now it is about shaping of project.


Nodeclipse-1 Eclipse plugins

Update sites:

Download site v0.1.8:
Download site v>0.2 (Nodeclipse-1):

Nodeclipse v0.2.0 was published on Eclipse Marketspace on March 27th 2013.

Drag and drop this into running Eclipse (for Indigo, Juno or Kepler).


Eclipse Node.js IDE project (aka Enide) is fordistributing Nodeclipse together with other plugins.
See it on Marketplace


Node Tool Suite aka NTS (Eclipse distribution with Nodeclipse-1 & Enide solution) is available on

For organization questions, create issue or send [email to dev group]( - Question &body=I have pressed link in Nodeclipse-blog).

So let us know what you think.

added by Paul Verest, 2013/3/26

Tested platforms

We don't have goal to test Nodeclipse-1 plugin on all possible Eclipse distribution. It just works for us.

Below is list that we know Nodeclipse can run on:

  • Eclipse for JavaEE Developers (4.2.2) Juno (Windows x32, x64)
  • Eclipse for RCP & RAP Developers (4.2.2) Juno
  • Eclipse for Testers (4.2.2) Juno
  • STS 3.1.0.RELEASE, 3.2.0.RELEASE (based on Eclipse 3.8.1, 3.8.2 Juno)
  • JBoss Developer Studio version 6.0.0.GA
  • eclipse-platform-4.3M6
  • Aptana Studio (with background color changed, see #15 )
  • Zend Studio 10.0
  • Adobe Flash Builder 4.7

Testing 0.4

  • on Indigo and Juno ( on on Ubuntsu and Mac OS X 10.6 )
    1. GGTS 3.1, based on Eclipse 3.8 (on Windows)
    1. Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers Juno SR2 (on Windows)
    1. STS 3.2 Eclipse 3.8.2) (on Windows)
    1. STS 2.9.1 (Eclipse 3.7.2) (on Windows)
    1. Eclipse for JavaEE Developers (4.2.2) Juno (on Windows)

If your work configuration used with Nodeclipse is different, please let us know


See Nodeclipse-1 roadmap

Known Issues and Limitations

Small issues

Nodeclipse has no support for black background color schemes. #15


Please add your ideas below.



Do not hesitate to contact developers. Create issue to appropriate repository or send email to dev group. Or skype by ID pverest; or QQ 908781544.

For Bloggers and Users of Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Weibo etc.

In case you plan to blog or tweet about the Nodeclipse plugin, please use the tags #nodeclipse #enide in order to make it easier to find all the comments and pictures. Thanks a lot for telling the world about the project!
| 请用#nodeclipse# #enide# 标签微博一下。
| Por favor, utilizar etiqueta #nodeclipse #enide
| ツイートする時は、#nodeclipse #enide タグを使用してください。
| Bitte benutzen Sie tag #nodeclipse #enide um zu twiten.