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A fast, simple Emoji and special character picker for X and Wayland
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Rofi Charpicker

A simple, fast, and keyboard-centric way to pick emoji, kaomoji, and special characters under X and Wayland.

A sample of Rofi Charpicker displaying a search for cakes

Installing Charpicker

You need to have rofi and xdotool. rofi handles selection and xdotool actually enters the characters.

Then simply clone or download the repository and point a keyboard shortcut (I use Super+I) at the script ( If you only need a script to print the selected character to the standard output, use

Using Charpicker

You simply type a search into the Rofi search bar. Some conveniences are provided such as gi for ι and gI for Ι (and similar for other Greek letters).

You can add modifiers like gender and skin tone with provided sequences. For instance, "child" gives 🧒, while "child" "+ female" gives 🧒‍♀️ and "child" "+ medium-light skin tone" gives 🧒‍🏼.

Customizing Charpicker

Rofi Charpicker uses a simple flat file to store characters. The format of each line is:


where <tab> is the actual tab character.

Everything after the tab character is typed, except trailing spaces (allowing kaomoji).

The project's provided file is special_character_list. It was compiled partially with a machine and partially by hand (with help from mbfraga) and contributions are much appreciated.

You can also have your own special character list: ~/.config/charpicker/special_character_list. The symbols in this file are added to the provided symbols.

You can override the provided theme with the ~/.config/charpicker/theme.rasi file.

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