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Ugrep 4.3: an ultra fast, user-friendly, compatible grep. Ugrep combines the best features of other grep, adds new features, and searches fast. Includes a TUI, Google-like search with AND/OR/NOT, fuzzy search, hexdumps, searches nested archives (zip, tar, pax, cpio), compressed files (gz, Z, bz2, lzma, xz, lz4, zstd, brotli), pdfs, docs, and more

  • Updated Dec 1, 2023
  • C++

良心的 Python 教程,面向零基础初学者简明易懂的 Python3 入门基础课程。在linux+vim生产力环境下,从浅入深,从简单程序学到网络爬虫。可以配合蓝桥云上实验环境操作。

  • Updated Oct 7, 2023
  • Shell

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