Python scripts for copying images from Digitalt museum to Wikimedia Commons
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About This Repository

This repository contains the python3 scripts used by the Nordic Museum to upload images to Wikimedia Commons. It is based on lokal-profil/upload_batches.

This is a work in progress started in autumn 2017 and ongoing throughout spring 2018. For more details, contact Aron Ambrosiani or Alicia Fagerving. The remaining work is listed as Issues.

Additional Reading:


To run it you will have to install BatchUploadTools and pywikibot using: pip install -r requirements.txt

Note: You might have to add the --process-dependency-links flag to the above command if you are running a different version of pywikibot from the required one.

User Account

The script must be run from an account which has the upload_by_url user right. On Wikimedia Commons this is limited to users with one of the image-reviewer, bot, gwtoolset or sysop flags. Apply for bot rights.


Every upload batch relies upon two settings files:

  • Batch-specific settings.
  • Institution-specific settings. The name of this file has to correspond to the institution code in the DigitaltMuseum system, e.g. S-NM.json for Nordiska Museet.

Some of the settings can be provided via command line parameters (use -help to see the available ones), but most of them have to be stated in the appropriate settings file. See the settings directory for examples.

Command lines values take preference over those provided by the settings file.

The following settings cannot use the default options:

  • api_key: your Digitalt museum API key (as provided by KulturIT).
  • glam_code: institution code in Digitalt Museum. List of institution codes for Swedish museums
  • folder_id: unique id (12 digits) or uuid (8-4-4-4-12 hexadecimal digits) of the Digitalt Museum folder used
  • wiki_mapping_root: root page on Wikimedia Commons of which all mapping tables are subpages (e.g. Commons:Nordiska_museet/mapping for Nordic Museum)
  • default_intro_text: Default wikitext to add at the top of mapping table page. With {key} being the placeholder for the mapping table type (one of keywords, people or places)


The basic workflow is the following:

  1. Create settings.json (see above).
  2. If it doesn't exist yet, create an institution settings file (see above).
  3. Create with the bot username
  4. Create with the bot username & password. Generate a bot password.

The following commands are run from the root folder of your installation:

  1. Run python importer/ to scrape info from the DiMu API and generate a "harvest file". Example output (note: if the harvest breaks, check the harvest_log_file to find the last UUID in the list)
  2. Run python importer/ to pull the harvest file and generate mapping files for Wikimedia Commons

Upload mappings to Wikimedia Commons

  1. Upload the generated mappings files in the /connections folder to Wikimedia Commons. Example: location of the Nordic Museum mappings
  2. Perform the mapping in the mapping tables.

After uploading the mappings to Wikimedia Commons, the following commands are run from the root folder of your installation:

  1. Run python importer/ -batch_settings:settings/settings.json -in_file:dimu_harvest_data.json -base_name:nm_output -update_mappings:True to pull the harvest file and mappings and prepare the batch file. Example output
  2. Run python importer/ -type:URL -in_path:nm_output.json to perform the actual batch upload. -cutoff:X limits the number of files uploaded to X (this will override settings)