Node.js library that exposes the functionality of the nRF5x Command-Line-Tools. API docs:
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Node.js library that exposes the functionality of the nRF5x Command-Line-Tools, used for development, programming, and debugging of Nordic Semiconductor's nRF5x SoCs (System on Chip).


The library can be installed from npm, using:

npm install pc-nrfjprog-js

This will pull down precompiled binaries for your platform/runtime environment. If precompiled binaries do not exist, then npm will try to compile them, which requires:

  • Node.js (>=4)
  • npm (>=3.7.0)
  • CMake (>=2.8.12)
  • A C/C++ toolchain

As part of the installation procedure, pc-nrfjprog-js will check if it can access the nrfjprog libraries, and verify that they are up to date. If not, it will try to install/upgrade these libraries.

Building from source

The library can be built from source, using:

npm run build

The library can be build from source while installing, using:

npm install --build-from-source

Building from source requires the tools from Installing to be installed.

Required setup

Before using the library, some platform specific setup is required. If you are seeing errors like Errorcode: CouldNotFindJprogDLL (0x2) or Errorcode: CouldNotLoadDLL (0x3) then please check that the tools described below are properly installed.


Download nRF-Command-Line-Tools and run the installer (exe). This will install the required nrfjprog libraries and SEGGER J-Link.

Note that the nRF-Command-Line-Tools for Windows is only available in 32-bit at the moment. This means that 32-bit Node.js is required in order to use pc-nrfjprog-js on Windows.


SEGGER J-Link must be downloaded and installed. The required nRF-Command-Line-Tools libraries are bundled together with pc-nrfjprog-js on Linux/macOS, so they do not have to be installed.

API documentation


const nrfjprogjs = require('pc-nrfjprog-js');

nrfjprogjs.getConnectedDevices(function(err, devices) {
    console.log('There are ' + devices.length + ' nRF devices connected.');


The project has integration tests that run against a devkit/dongle. Note that these tests will erase the contents on the connected devkit/dongle. To run the tests:

npm test