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Rudder: configuration management for the masses

This project is part of Rudder - configuration management made easy.

See: for more information.



This project is licensed under AGPLv3 license, see the provided "LICENSE" file or


Thank you for your interest in our project! The contribution process is detailed here:


This is the main project, Rudder, the web console that allows to see nodes inventory, manage group of nodes, apply configuration rules derived from techniques.

This project is composed of several modules:


that module contains most of the logic for Rudder (i.e most of the business tier). Among other things, you will find:

  • all the logic to save and bind parameters to techniques;

  • the pipeline of action that generates CFEngine promises from templates, parameters and group of nodes;

  • an LDAP query processor that allows "join" like operations;

  • historization of user logging action.


that module contains all the presentation layer and the service weaving logic. Along with all the web standard things (JS, CSS, etc) you will find some unusual Liftweb integration:

  • utilities to use Spring in a Lift application

  • a plugin system for Lift

  • a somehow unusual organisation of Lift snippets in components belonging to pages

  • an automatic web form generation system from XML descrition files.


The easiest way to test and use Rudder is to install it from the provided Linux packages, see:

For a more developper oriented usage.

This project is managed thanks to Maven software project management ( You will have to have a working Maven (version 2.2.x or 3.0.x) installation.

Clean, build and install on your local repository:
% mvn clean install

For now, the developpement environment is not trivial to set-up. We want to make it more easy so that an unique command will set-up the full environment, but we are afraid that until that bright future become true, you will have to follow:

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