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Northern Widget designs ready for prime time; for the bleeding edge, see

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  1. DS3231 Public

    Communicates between Arduino-programmed AVR and Maxim DS3231 RTC: splice of Ayars' ( and Jeelabs/Ladyada's (…

    C++ 113 63

  2. ALog Public

    Data logger library for the Arduino-based ALog; wtih small changes, can work on many Arduino-based systems

    C++ 26 9

  3. Arduino-compatible low-power field environmental data logging platform: hardware schematics and circuit board layouts

    Prolog 6 5

  4. Eagle designs for a nano scale, minimal, data logger, based off of the inspiration by Elli Ronay of Vanderbilt University

    C++ 4 2

  5. VEML6075 Public

    Arduino Library for the VELM6075 UV sensor from Vishay

    C++ 4 2

  6. MAX44009 Public

    A library for use with the MAX44009 Ambient light sensor

    C++ 3


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