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Welcome to the bladeRF wiki!

This wiki will serve as a place to create some community-based documentation. Please feel free to create a page and link it here!

Table of Contents

Getting Started

bladeRF software build/installation

These guides describe the process of building and installing the bladeRF software from source code. If you've just received your bladeRF, this is the place to start.

bladeRF firmware images

Expansion Boards and Accessories

Developing with libbladeRF

Help and How-to's

Projects, Papers, and Blogs

Feel free to share your favorite projects, papers, blogs, etc. containing bladeRF and/or SDR content! Be sure to also check out the Project Showcase on the forums.

Tutorials and Related Reading

Find or learn something interesting? Share it here!

Signal Processing and RF

Amateur Radio


See the doc/ and doc/development directories for "official" development-related documentation.

Recommended Reading

Project Maintenance

Ongoing and future efforts

Working on new functionality or adding bladeRF support to a project? Create a page here to plan and document your efforts.