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A standalone script for sphinx that works similar to sphinx-autodoc on python files, but iterates through javascript files.
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A standalone script for sphinx that works similar to sphinx-autodoc on python files, but iterates through javascript files. Requires that documentation be marked with a python-style docstring /*"""


Alpha state! And currently does not output for undocumented methods.


Pure javascript with a standard javascript paradigm. sphinx-jsapidoc expects that your Javascript is written like so:

 * This is the standard info for the class and its constructor.
 * :param string anArgument: Argument info is placed here. Generally all the standard sphinx stuff works.
 * :param name.of.namespace.OtherClass otherClassObject: Sphinx will even do the lookup of types you specify.
 * :param name.of.namespace.AnotherClass andAnotherThing: If you reference using :class:``, sphinx-jsapidoc will translate it to the :js: domain.
name.of.namespace.ClassName = function(anArgument, otherClassObject, andAnotherThing) {

     * Docstrings on attributes in the constructor (or any method actually) that match this.attrName = (.+?) will be captured as attributes.
     this.attrName = "a string.";

//if you provide a prototype pointing to a "new Class", then sphinx-jsapidoc adds an 'extends ' note to the documentations.
name.of.namespace.ClassName.prototype = new name.of.BaseClass();
name.of.namespace.ClassName.constructor = name.of.namespace.ClassName;

 * Instance methods need to be defined like this. sphinx-jsapidoc doesn't yet know how to parse instance methods that are in object notation.
 * :param string newArg: Set them args like you want to.
name.of.namespace.ClassName.prototype.newMethod = function(newArg) {


 * Class constants can be documented but will be set as a js:attr.
name.of.namespace.ClassName.CLASS_CONSTANT = "JustAClassConstant";

 * Static methods are captured, too.
name.of.namespace.ClassName.staticMethod = function() {


// this method won't show up in documentation because the comment doesn't start with /*""" 
/* Javascript is too dynamic of a language to build a reliable abstract syntax tree that will allow
 * a machine to deduce what the developer intended.
name.of.namespace.ClassName.prototype.undocumentedInstanceMethod = function() {


// the following method will appear in the documentation, but blank.
name.of.namespace.ClassName.prototype.documentedInstanceMethod = function() {



$ pip install git+git://


  • You'll want to go through the steps of setting up sphinx-quickstart first. The output from sphinx-jsapidoc is meant to be dropped into the documentation's source directory (Not the javascript source, but the source quickstart creates.)
  • Run these things once your code is documented: $ ./sphinx-jsapidoc --output-dir /path/to/docs/documentation/source/ /path/to/source/files/with/js/must/be/a/directory/
  • Add jsmodules to the toctree in your index.rst
  • When you make html sphinx should do it's normal bits


Good luck. And report them bugs. Also, fork this as needed. We'd love input.

Nuu Logic

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