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A QuickLook plugin to display the dimensions of an image in the title bar instead of the filename

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This is a QuickLook plugin for Mac OS X 10.7 / 10.8 to display the dimensions of an image and its file size in the title bar.

Since 10.8 iPhone's PNG are correctly displayed in the Finder, but before they were not, so in 10.7 this plugin also correctly display them.

for more informations see my blog post about it.

Build & Install

For those who don't want to build from the sources, here are the links for the plugin: Lion (10.7) Moutain Lion (10.8)

Unzip it, and place it in /Library/QuickLook or ~/Library/QuickLook.

Perhaps you will need to restart the QuickLook by running this command in the Terminal :

qlmanage -r

For the others, open qlImageSize.xcodeproj. If you hit the run button, it will build the plugin, place it in ~/Library/QuickLook and restart the QuickLook server automatically.

In the file GenerateThumbnailForURL.m you have the option to display the image type extension on the icons in the Finder. The extension is based on the Uniform Type Identifier (UTI) of the file.


qlImageSize is released under the Simplified BSD license, see LICENSE.txt.

Blog : Cocoa in the Shell

Twitter : @Nyx0uf

About Mavericks (OS X 10.9)

I am aware that qlImageSize does not fully work on Mavericks. By fully I mean it works for certain types like tga,bmp,psd,tif but not for the common ones jpg,png,gif.

it is a known bug in the OS and I can't do anything about it, but I encourage you to fill a bug to Apple (

For more informations, see

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