A plugin for control-flow to manage unstable teststeps in SoapUI OS
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Flow SoapUI Plugin

Tested to work on SoapUI OS 5.2.0

Build Status

Some services are dependent on inherently unstable services. This plugin is developed to resolve that particular problem and functionally test even unstable endpoints. It is a plugin that gives the power to the user and the possibility to have unstable test-steps. Primarily it allows them to fail and pass through a repetition procedure.


 mvn clean install 

copy the target/flow-soapui-plugin-1.0.0.jar and put it in ${USER_HOME}/.soapuios/plugins

or run with the deploy-profile to let maven move it to your home-folder for you

 mvn clean install -Pdeploy

Unsigned Plugin

In SoapUI OS 5.2.1 a signing procedure was introduced to hash out what product the plugin is included with. This plugin is not signed and can thereby only be used with SoapUI OS 5.2.0 and earlier.

If you want it test it on 5.2.1+ you will have to build hschotts Jailbreak Plugin and put it in ${SOAPUI_HOME}/jre/lib/ext. The idea is to have the plugin signed by SmartBear, but until then this will have to do as a workaround.


Repeat Test Step

  • Add the repeat teststep to your testcase
  • select a target teststep which from where the testcase will be iterated from
  • select a maximum number of attempts
  • Run unstable testcase

The test will be rerun from that point until all teststeps are successful or maximum number of attempts are reached


Since it's difficult to use anything without having an example to consult there is a sample project included that shows the intended use-cases.

Picture of the teststep

You can find it here. To make sure it works Travis CI runs the entire sample-project as a regression-test against the teststep.

Future Work/Feature Requests

  • Make it possible to use conditionals or xpath, json-query to decide whether to continue iterating or not. Like Conditional Goto.
  • Mock-Service-control test-steps, today you have to script to do that.
  • SSH Test-Steps
  • Please put your suggestion as an issue


Icons made by Madebyoliver and is licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0