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  1. Tengine

    Tengine is a lite, high performance, modular inference engine for embedded device

    C++ 346 138

  2. Caffe-HRT

    Heterogeneous Run Time version of Caffe. Added heterogeneous capabilities to the Caffe, uses heterogeneous computing infrastructure framework to speed up Deep Learning on Arm-based heterogeneous em…

    C++ 251 103

  3. YSQfastfd

    A fast binary library for face detection and face landmark detection in images. No float point operations, especially suit for low cost Arm CPUs, The highest accuracy on FDDB among non deep learnin…

    C++ 177 47

  4. FaceDetection

    C++ project to implement MTCNN, a perfect face detect algorithm, on different DL frameworks. The most popular frameworks: caffe/mxnet/tensorflow, are all suppported now

    C++ 175 82

  5. FaceRecognition

    This is an implematation project of face detection and recognition. The face detection using MTCNN algorithm, and recognition using LightenenCNN algorithm.

    C++ 84 40

  6. SpeechRecognition

    A local auto speech recognition project based on Kaldi and ALSA.

    C++ 14 6

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