Odoo generic connector framework (jobs queue, asynchronous tasks, channels)
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Odoo Connector Modules

Odoo Connector is a powerful framework to develop any kind of bi-directional connector between Odoo (Open Source ERP formerly OpenERP) and any other software or service.

This Odoo add-on has a modular and generic core, with the ability to be extended with additional modules for new features or customizations.

Feel free to subscribe on the mailing list (its name is 'Connectors'): https://odoo-community.org/groups

Documentation: http://www.odoo-connector.com

Available addons

addon version summary
component Components
component_event Components Events
connector Connector
connector_base_product Connector Base Product
test_component Automated tests for Components, do not install.
test_connector Automated tests for Connector, do not install.

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