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Vertical Abbey - The Philemon project

Logo of the Philemon project

The Philemon project develops Odoo modules for Abbeys.

The two main modules of the Philemon project are:

  • stay: manage the stay of guests at the Abbey. Handles lunches, dinners and bed nights.
  • mass: manages mass requests and the planning of masses.

Two other modules donation_stay and donation_mass connect the management of stay and masses to donations. The Odoo modules for donations are available in the Donation OCA project.

These modules and the donation modules have been developped by the Barroux Abbey, a Benedictine Abbey located near the Mont Ventoux in France, who decided to publish these modules so that they can benefit to other abbeys and other christian organisations. They are used in production at the Barroux Abbey since January 1st 2015.

The main developpers of the project are:

  • Brother Bernard (Barroux Abbey)
  • Brother Irénée (Barroux Abbey)
  • Alexis de Lattre (Akretion)

Please refer to the README of each module to have more information about how to configure and use the modules.

Available addons

addon version summary
donation_mass Ability to create mass from donation lines
donation_stay Create donations from a stay
mass Manage Mass
stay Simple management of stays and meals
stay_report_py3o Replace Qweb report by Py3o report on stay module
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