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Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)

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  1. BayesianNonparametrics.jl BayesianNonparametrics.jl Public

    BayesianNonparametrics in julia

    Julia 30 11

  2. hub-toolbox-python3 hub-toolbox-python3 Public

    Hubness analysis and removal functions

    Python 19 4

  3. million-post-corpus million-post-corpus Public

    Annotated data set consisting of user comments posted to a German-language newspaper website

    Python 16 2

  4. lrn2 lrn2 Public

    Python deep learning framework including [Convolutional] Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs), [Convolutional] Neural Networks and Auto-Encoders, [Gated] RNNs and LSTMs

    Jupyter Notebook 13 6

  5. python-midi python-midi Public

    High level MIDI file manipulation.

    Python 9

  6. PunCAT PunCAT Public

    Interactive prototype tool for the computer-assisted translation of puns

    Java 6


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