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About the Ontology for General Medical Science

You can get the OWL version of OGMS at

The development version of OGMS can be found at

The Ontology for General Medical Science (OGMS) is an ontology of entities involved in a clinical encounter. OGMS includes very general terms that are used across medical disciplines, including: 'disease', 'disorder', 'disease course', 'diagnosis', 'patient', and 'healthcare provider'. OGMS uses the Basic Formal Ontology (BFO) as an upper-level ontology. The scope of OGMS is restricted to humans, but many terms can be applied to a variety of organisms. OGMS provides a formal theory of disease that can be further elaborated by specific disease ontologies. This theory is implemented using OWL-DL and OBO Relation Ontology relations and is available in OWL and OBO formats.

OGMS is based on the papers Toward an Ontological Treatment of Disease and Diagnosis and On Carcinomas and Other Pathological Entities. The ontology attempts to address some of the issues raised at the Workshop on Ontology of Diseases (Dallas, TX) and the Signs, Symptoms, and Findings Workshop(Milan, Italy). OGMS was formerly called the clinical phenotype ontology. Terms from OGMS hang from the Basic Formal Ontology.

NEWS: The OGMS-based Cardiovascular Disease Ontology was the winner of this year's Ontology Competition at the FOIS (Formal Ontology in Information Systems) conference in Rio de Janeiro.

We are always interested in application-specific use cases for OGMS, such as those described here. Existing and planned extensions of OGMS include:

If you are interested in participating in the development of OGMS, please send email to Be sure to include a github-account username with your request.

There is a google group for discussing the project - . Click the "Apply for group membership" link to join, or send an email to with the email address you would like added.