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A repository to store validated phenotype cohort definitions, with all associated source code, documentation, and validation results.
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Gold Standard Removing redundant gsheets Sep 11, 2019
Heart Failure Heart Failure Mar 18, 2017
OHDSI Add files via upload Mar 18, 2017
Seizure Create Cohort.json Mar 18, 2017
VTE VTE Mar 18, 2017
hemorrhagic stroke settings and shiny app for manual chart validation of ich Jan 15, 2019
ischemic stroke ischemic stroke validation process composed of: cohort definition, co… Jan 4, 2019
peripheral arterial disease (PAD) (eMerge) Peripheral Arterial Disease Mar 18, 2017
pregnancy episodes and outcomes Pregnancy Episoides and Outcomes Algorithm Oct 31, 2016
.gitignore Revised Gold Standard example data for 2019 symposium software demo Sep 10, 2019
AAA eMERGE.docx Abdominal aortic aneurysm from eMERGE Mar 17, 2017
AAA sensitive.docx
Anaphylaxis logic.docx Add files via upload Mar 18, 2017
LICENSE Initial commit Oct 27, 2015
candidatephenotypes.txt Add files via upload Mar 17, 2017
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