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Repository of OHDSI Collaborative Research Protocols
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Study Protocols

Repository of OHDSI Collaborative Research Protocols

  1. Treatment Pathways (stuck in self-executed SQL)
  2. Treatment Pathways in 12 Months (as R package TxPathways12mo)
  3. Pharmacogenetic Drug Study (as R package PGxDrugStudy)
  4. Drug Utilization in Children Protocol (as R package DrugsInPeds)
  5. Keppra and the Risk of Angioedema (as R package KeppraAngioedema)

See individual study README files for instructions on installation and study execution.

New Study Development

Do not develop new studies in this repository. Use the StudyProtocolSandbox repository.


  • This project is supported in part through the National Science Foundation grant IIS 1251151.
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