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gsora and jforissier plat-imx: remove CFG_BOOT_SYNC_CPU
It is disabled by default, and no i.MX platform enables it anyway.

Signed-off-by: Gianguido Sorà <>
Acked-by: Clement Faure <>
Latest commit bfa0f02 May 27, 2020


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.github github: update links in issue/pr templates Apr 15, 2020
core plat-imx: remove CFG_BOOT_SYNC_CPU May 27, 2020
keys TA as ELF + signature Sep 9, 2015
ldelf add missing $libgcc to ldargs May 26, 2020
lib libutils: confine_array_index: arm64: replace csdb by hint #20 May 20, 2020
mk Cleanup unused comp-cflags$(sm) from libgcc lookup commands May 27, 2020
scripts scripts/ use Cryptodome module instead of Crypto May 26, 2020
ta Allow use of cc-option in core/arch/arm/ May 27, 2020
.checkpatch.conf checkpatch: add codespell support May 14, 2020
.gitignore Open-source the TEE Core Jun 12, 2014
.shippable.yml shippable: build stm32mp1-157C_DK2 May 7, 2020
.travis.yml ci: travis: install codespell package May 25, 2020 Update CHANGELOG for 3.9.0 May 22, 2020
LICENSE LICENSE: all files are licensed under BSD 2-Clause by default Feb 11, 2019
MAINTAINERS Add initial UniPhier platform support Apr 17, 2020
Makefile Makefile: use plain bash for SHELL Apr 14, 2020 docs: Remove current docs and link to the new location Feb 21, 2019
typedefs.checkpatch Add SLIST_HEAD() and SLIST_ENTRY() to typedefs.checkpatch Jun 27, 2019

OP-TEE Trusted OS

This git contains source code for the secure side implementation of OP-TEE project.

All official OP-TEE documentation has moved to

// OP-TEE core maintainers

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