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Convert images in a rosbag to a video
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Convert images in a rosbag to a variable framerate video. Variable framerate is achieved through duplicating frames since OpenCv can't encode at variable framerates. This can produce very large files which should be re-encoded with something like ffmpeg.


usage: [-h] [--outfile OUTFILE] [--precision PRECISION] [--viz]
                    [--start START] [--end END] [--encoding {rgb8,bgr8,mono8}]
                    topic bagfile

Extract and encode video from bag files.

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --outfile OUTFILE, -o OUTFILE
                        Destination of the video file. Defaults to the
                        location of the input file.
  --precision PRECISION, -p PRECISION
                        Precision of variable framerate interpolation. Higher
                        numbers match the actual framerater better, but result
                        in larger files and slower conversion times.
  --viz, -v             Display frames in a GUI window.
  --start START, -s START
                        Rostime representing where to start in the bag.
  --end END, -e END     Rostime representing where to stop in the bag.
  --encoding {rgb8,bgr8,mono8}
                        Encoding of the deserialized image.
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