ReactNative's WebView on Android does not support file input. This library adds in an <AndroidWebView> that does support file input.
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ReactNative's WebView on Android does not support file input. This library adds in an <AndroidWebView> that does support file input, as well adding support for a number of other missing pieces, listed below.


The lack of support appears to be due to Android-level limitations - specifically that there is no API available for this prior to Android 5 (except kind of between 4 and 4.4.1 possibly, hard to read from discussions? And using undocumented APIs prior? Very spotty APIs anyway, and not built-in to WebView)

Things this library adds:

  • File input for any type of file
  • Support for downloading files using the Android DownloadManager
  • Permission requests for Android SDK Version >26 (required for new Play Store builds now, and for updates from November 2018)

Note that this project scope has slightly expanded beyond its original scope (originally it only added file upload), and it may not retain compatibility with all versions of React Native - see the section below for compatibility notes.

React Native Version Compatibility

Version 1.0.0 of this has been tested on React Native 0.56.0.

Previous known stable compatibilities include:

  • 0.4.2 of this library is compatible with React Native 0.40.0
  • Commit: "github:oblongmana/react-native-webview-file-upload-android#4f8c1a775750788dc2464dea8dd189b7a41ea17b" is compatible with React Native 0.44.0

To use a specific commit of this repo, add the following to your package.json, where COMMIT_SHA is the SHA of the commit you wish to use:

"react-native-webview-file-upload-android": "github:oblongmana/react-native-webview-file-upload-android#[COMMIT_SHA]"


  • This is untested on most Android platforms at time of writing. This was tested in an AVD with following config: Nexus 5X API 26 x86.

  • This only works with Android - specifically, it DOES NOT defer to react-native built-in WebView for iOS. If supporting both platforms, you will need to include platform-specific code, using AndroidWebView only in iOS (see For Image Upload from Gallery in iOS however, this is as simple as ensuring your info.plist contains a NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription entry.

Further background reading

The following threads provide some further technical background as to the need for this library, and implementation. These may be of use if modifying this library.


This has been tested with (and has a peerDependency in package.json on react-native ^0.56.0). Please see the compatibility section above for further information on compatibility with earlier versions. This version of the library might work with earlier versions of React Native. If it does, please open a PR amending the peerDependencies in package.json.


Install the library into your project npm install react-native-webview-file-upload-android --save

Manual Linking

Add the library to the end of the dependencies section of your android/app/build.gradle:

 dependencies {
+    compile project(':react-native-webview-file-upload-android')

Add the library to your android/settings.gradle. Don't clobber any other third party libraries you might be including though! Example of adding to a file with no other libraries: = 'YourAppName'

-include ':app'
+include ':app', ':react-native-webview-file-upload-android'
+project(':react-native-webview-file-upload-android').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/react-native-webview-file-upload-android/android')

Add the library's React Package to your (location will differ from project to project):

+import com.oblongmana.webviewfileuploadandroid.AndroidWebViewPackage;


 public class MainApplication extends Application implements ReactApplication {
     protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
         return Arrays.<ReactPackage>asList(
             new MainReactPackage(),
+            new AndroidWebViewPackage()

Automatic Linking

Automatic linking as not been tested, so no guarantees that will work. If you want to try it, use:

react-native link react-native-webview-file-upload-android

And if that does work, please feel free to edit this README!


Simply use the <AndroidWebView> anywhere you would usually use a <Webview>. As mentioned above, if you are support bothing iOS and Android, you will need platform-specific code, as <AndroidWebView> does not support iOS.

As noted above in the Limitations section, this library currently only allows for image input, but could be modified to accept other file inputs. As such, only the image capture will work. If you modify the library to accept other inputs, I encourage you to submit a PR!

e.g. Just to reiterate, note that the source URI below contains tests for multiple types of media capture, but only image capture is presently supported using this library. See the Usage notes above, and the Limitations section.

import React, { Component} from 'react';
import { WebView, View, Platform } from 'react-native';
import AndroidWebView from 'react-native-webview-file-upload-android';
class MySuperSpecialWebView extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
      <View style={{flex:1}}>
              android:  () => <AndroidWebView
                                source={{ uri: '' }}
              ios:      () => <WebView
                                source={{ uri: '' }}


As noted enthusiastically above, contributions are very welcome. Apologies if I don't get round to reviewing any PRs in a timely manner. I'd encourage you to put instructions for utilising your own fork in any PRs you open against this, so Googlers coming across whatever you add can use your contribution with minimal friction, if I haven't merged it.

This project includes an .eslintrc.json file, and any contributions should comply with this. My personal dev environment was Sublime Text 3, using

While developing locally, I would suggest you have a test react-native project which has a local copy of this library as a dependency. You can accomplish this by adding "react-native-webview-file-upload-android": "file:../react-native-webview-file-upload-android" to your package.json dependencies (obviously, alter the file: url to point to your local copy).

HOWEVER, if you do so, you MUST install using yarn instead of npm, as npm 5+ installs local file dependencies using symlinks. This would be a great feature if react native's metro bundler didn't completely break on symlinks - this issue has existed since metro's inception, with no sign of a fix in sight: