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Allows patching up config.yaml through the web interface
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This plugin targets developers, not endusers. It is not actively maintained since it does what is needed from it for regular OctoPrint development activities. If someone wants to make it more versatile and add more or fix existing functionality, feel free to get in touch about adoption on the community forums about it.

OctoPrint Yamlpatcher Plugin

The OctoPrint Yamlpatcher Plugin allows patching OctoPrint's config.yaml through a new dialog within OctoPrint's settings, using easily shareable patch strings.

This allows applying configuration changes that are not easily achievable through the UI even for users who don't feel comfortable manually editing a YAML configuration file. And for those that do feel comfortable with YAML, it is also is a very fast way to make quick adjustments to configuration settings for which no UI inputs exist, e.g. development settings.

Before allowing to apply the patch string, the plugin will present the user with a preview of the changes that will take place, visualizing both added and removed entries within config.yaml.

JSON patch string

YAML patch string


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


Paste a valid patch string into the input field below, then hit the "Preview" button. Make sure the changes look like they should (if a screenshot of a preview was provided along side the patch string, compare!). If they do, hit "Apply". Then restart your server.

Patch format

The plugin supports two kinds of patch strings, a special JSON based format that allows very specific manipulation of the configuration, and YAML dictionaries that will just get merged with the existing configuration.

JSON patch string

The JSON patch string format consists of a JSON string specifying a list of changes to apply to the configuration, in the order they occur in the list.

Each change consists of a list with three elements:

  • an action to take,
  • a path specifying the node within the configuration on which to perform the action and
  • additional parameters for the action.

Since it is possible to minimize JSON quite well, even more complex patch sets become very compact:

[["merge","plugins.softwareupdate",{"checks":{"octoprint":{"checkout_folder":"/home/pi/OctoPrint"}},"octoprint_restart_command":"sudo service octoprint restart","environment_restart_command":"sudo shutdown -r now"}]]

Currently the plugin understands changes that specify one of the following actions: set, merge, remove, append, move.


Sets a new value at the specified path, completely replacing the existing value. If the path does not yet exist, it will be created. Use this to set a specific value at a specific path in the structure, ignoring what might already be there.

Example patch sets:

  • Set server.firstRun and accessControl.enabled to true

      ["set", "server.firstRun", true],
      ["set", "accessControl.enabled", true]
  • Set plugins.softwareupdate.checks.octoprint.checkout_folder to /home/pi/OctoPrint

      ["set", "plugins.softwareupdate.checks.octoprint.checkout_folder", "/home/pi/OctoPrint"]


Updates the value at the specified path, merging it with the new provided data. If the path does not yet exist, it will be created (and only contain the value to be merged).

If the target node and the value are dictionaries, both will be merged (the new data overwriting the old one in case of conflicts).

If the target node is a list and the value a list, the existing list will be extended by all entries in the value.

Example patch sets:

  • Merge the OctoPrint update configuration for OctoPi unto the config

          "checks": {
            "octoprint": {
              "checkout_folder": "/home/pi/OctoPrint"
          "octoprint_restart_command": "sudo service octoprint restart",
          "environment_restart_command": "sudo shutdown -r now"


Removes the node at the specified path if its parent is a dictionary. If not and it is a list, removes the provided value from the list.

Example patch sets:

  • Remove the plugins.softwareupdate.checks.remove_me node

      ["remove", "plugins.softwareupdate.checks.remove_me", ""]
  • Remove the /dev/printer entry from serial.additionalPorts

      ["remove", "serial.additionalPorts", "/dev/printer"]


Appends a value to a list node specified by the given path. If the list node doesn't already exist it will be created.

Example patch sets:

  • Append a /dev/printer entry to serial.additionalPorts:

      ["append", "serial.additionalPorts", "/dev/printer"]


Moves the value from one node in the config to another, optionally creating the target path if necessary.

Example patch sets:

  • Move the value from plugins.someplugin.somekey to plugins.someotherplugin.someotherkey

      ["move", "plugins.someplugin.somekey", "plugins.someotherplugin.someotherkey"]
  • Backup the current API key, then set a new one

      ["move", "api.key", "api.backupkey"],
      ["set", "api.key", "IamNotVerySecureNowAmI"]

YAML dictionary

The plugin also accepts YAML dictionaries as input. It will parse them client-side and convert them into JSON merge patch sets.

In order to allow copy-pasting of existing configuration examples for OctoPrint in wiki, mailinglist etc, if the plugin detects a possible YAML input it will strip any lines that only consist of ... before attempting to parse the input.

Hence, for the plugin this would be a valid input, although it is not valid YAML due to the contained ...:

  enabled: true
  firstRun: true

This allows for most of the existing examples to just be directly copy-pasted into the input field and merged on the existing configuration.

Acknowledgements & Licensing

The OctoPrint Yamlpatcher Plugin is licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3 (also included).

It uses jsdiff by Kevin Decker which is licensed under the terms of the BSD license, and js-yaml by Vitaly Puzrin which is licensed under the terms of the MIT license

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