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Octopus Deploy Jenkins Plugin

Connecting Octopus Deploy to the Jenkins workflow.

Using Jenkins and Octopus Deploy together, you can:

Use Jenkins to compile, test, and package your applications.

  • Automatically trigger deployments in Octopus from Jenkins whenever a build completes.
  • Automatically fail a build in Jenkins if the deployment in Octopus fails.
  • Securely deploy your applications with Octopus Deploy across your infrastructure.
  • Fully automate your continuous integration and continuous deployment processes. Octopus Deploy will take those packages and push them to development, test, and production environments.

Please visit the Octopus Deploy Freestyle or Pipeline documentation for help getting started, or the Jenkins guides for step by step instructions on deploying applications from Jenkins to Octopus.

Support is available from the official Octopus Deploy support channels.

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x

The way the plugin interacts with Octopus changed from version 1.x to 2.x. Some additional configuration is required after upgrading to 2.x. See the documentation for the steps required to install the Octopus CLI. Once the Octopus CLI has been installed, check existing Octopus steps to ensure they are configured correctly.

Contributing to the plugin

We welcome contributions; issues, bug fixes, enhancements. If you are starting to work on something more detailed please reach out to to ensure it aligns with what we have going on, and that we are not doubling up efforts.

We have the following developer focussed guidelines to get started working on the plugin.