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The general deployment process consists of several interrelated activities with possible transitions between them. These activities can occur at the producer side or at the consumer side or both.

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StackStorm (aka "IFTTT for Ops") is event-driven automation for auto-remediation, incident responses, troubleshooting, deployments, and more for DevOps and SREs. Includes rules engine, workflow, 160 integration packs with 6000+ actions (see and ChatOps. Installer at

  • Updated Nov 25, 2022
  • Python

Deployment apps


Test and deploy at the push of a button

Azure Pipelines

Continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform and cloud


A modern container-based CI/CD platform, easily assemble and run pipelines with high performance


Manage flaky unit tests. Click a checkbox to instantly disable any test on all branches. Works with your current test suite


One-click delivery automation for Web Developers

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