Applets, extensions and themes for the Cinnamon Desktop Environment.
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Cinnamon Tools - by Odyseus

Applets, Extensions and Themes for the Cinnamon Desktop Environment

All this applets/extensions/themes can be installed directly from Cinnamon's applet/extension/theme managers.

My Cinnamon Applets

  • Custom Cinnamon Menu: A menu for Cinnamon based on the original but more configurable.
  • Desktop Handler: Several shortcuts to handle desktop actions.
  • Extensions Manager: Allows enabling/disabling extensions (and other tasks) from a menu.
  • Popup Translator: Allows to display the translation of any selected text from any application on a system in a popup.
  • Quick Menu: Quickly create a menu based on files inside a folder.
  • System Monitor (Fork By Odyseus): Monitor system resources with graphics displayed on the panel.
  • Window list (Fork By Odyseus): A window list applet based on Cinnamon's default with a couple of extra options.

My Cinnamon Extensions

  • Cinnamon Maximus (Fork by Odyseus): Remove window decorations from maximized windows.
  • Cinnamon Tweaks: Adds some options to modify the default behaviour of certain Cinnamon features.
  • Window demands attention behaviour: Define activation of windows demanding attention.

My Cinnamon Themes

  • Mint-XY: Theme based on the default Mint-X theme with graphics from Mint-Y theme.
  • Mint-XY-Greybird-Blue: Theme based on the default Mint-X theme with graphics from Mint-Y theme.

This repository's wiki

It contains various how-tos about basic tasks.