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Omega, a kind of jailbreak on Numworks?
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Omega is an extension to Numworks' Epsilon, the OS that runs on their calculator, which brings many features to it. Omega is for people who want to add features to the calculator, but cannot because they have been rejected by Numworks (and for reasons that are 100% understandable!). For example, there is no point in having a Dark Mode on the calculator, but it's fun, so we would add it into Omega! In short, Omega is a kind of Jailbreak on Epsilon.

Some new features

  • Adding symbolic calculation back into the calculator
  • An app for RPN
  • A periodic table app + all of the molar masses for the elements in the toolbox
  • More steps for brightness (16 instead of 5)
  • Different colors for the LED in exam mode
  • 32 KB Python heap instead of 16 KB

The main new features are listed here, and the complete changelog can be found here.


First of all, follow step 1 here. Then:

For n0100:

git clone --recursive
cd Omega
make MODEL=n0100 clean
make MODEL=n0100 USERNAME="{Your name, max 15 characters}" -j4
make MODEL=n0100 epsilon_flash

For n0110:

git clone --recursive
cd Omega
make clean
make USERNAME="{Your name, max 15 characters}" -j4
make epsilon_flash

Building bin files:

These can be used to distribute omega so that it can be flashed by anyone.

git clone --recursive
cd Omega
make clean
make MODEL=n0100 USERNAME="" -j8
make MODEL=n0100 USERNAME="" binpack -j8
make USERNAME="" -j8
make USERNAME="" binpack -j8

Building the web simulator (works under linux):

First, install emsdk :

git clone
cd emsdk
./emsdk install latest-fastcomp
./emsdk activate latest-fastcomp

Then, compile Omega :

git clone --recursive
cd Omega
make clean
make PLATFORM=simulator TARGET=web USERNAME="{Your name, max 15 characters}" -j4

The simulator is now in output/release/simulator/web/

Important: Don't forget the --recursive tag, because Omega relies on submodules. Also, you can change the number of processes that run in parallel during the build by changing the value of the -j flag.

Related repositories

Omega License

Omega is released under a CC BY-NC-SA License.

NumWorks Epsilon logo

cc by-nc-sa 4.0 Issues

Epsilon is a high-performance graphing calculator operating system. It includes eight apps that cover the high school mathematics curriculum.

You can try Epsilon straight from your browser in the online simulator.

Diving in

We highly recommend you start by reading the online documentation for this project. You'll learn how to install the SDK and about the overall architecture of the Epsilon.


If you run into an issue, we would be very happy if you would file a bug on the issue tracker.

We welcome contributions. For smaller changes just open a pull request straight away. For larger changes we recommend you open an issue first for discussion.


NumWorks Epsilon is released under a CC BY-NC-SA License. NumWorks is a registered trademark.

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