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OneLedger Universal Protocol
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OneLedger Protocol

This repo is the OneLedger blockchain full-node, which is currently an ABCi app based on low-level parts of the Tendermint consensus library

Table of Contents

Getting Started


These instructions will get a copy of the OneLedger Protocol up and running on your local machine.

System Requirements

Ensure your system meets the following requirements:

  • Operating System must be one of the following:
    • macOS
    • A Debian-based Linux distribution
      • Ubuntu is recommended for the smoothest install, otherwise you will have to set up your distribution for installing PPAs
  • Go version 1.11 or higher
  • git


First clone the repository for the OneLedger Protocol (pick any folder and clone it here):

$ git clone

Install the required dependencies:

$ cd ./protocol
$ make install

General scripts for running the OneLedger Protocol are inside ./protocol/scripts

Make Targets

If everything is set up properly, you can begin testing the OneLedger Protocol with the make targets provided. Run the following scripts inside the ./protocol/ directory:

Target Description
make install Build and install a copy of Oneledger protocol in bin
make fulltest Test with send transaction in loadtest, makes use of test scripts in the /tests folder
make status Lists all running nodes, Check out the running status
make update Updata the dependencies
make install_c Enable the clevelDB

See Make Targets to see a list of make commands you can run to interact with the OneLedger Protocol.


The OneLedger Protocol is released under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. See for more details or visit

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