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For use with the Omega2 Wireless 360 LiDAR Kit
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Omega2 Wireless LiDAR Kit

See the Omega2 Wireless LiDAR Kit Quickstart for full details.

Repo contents:

  • scripts - Scripts to install VirtualHere Remote USB Server on your Omega
  • bin - LiDAR scanner visualization software
  • specs - LiDAR specifications
  • src - Example code

Installation Instructions

The VirtualHere software facilitates wireless transmission of LiDAR data to Computer.

Install the VirtualHere Remote USB Server on your Omega

Run the following on the Omega command line:

wget -O - | sh

For instructions to install computer side client

Visit VirtualHere official Website: VirtualHere USB Client

Example Code

See src directory for example Python3 code that interprets serial data coming from the LiDAR scanner. Can be run on a Computer or the Omega.

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