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We work on a platform for connected devices.


  1. Onion-Docs Public

    Documentation for all things Onion

    Python 106 65

  2. Schematic of Onion Omega2 Docks and Expansions

    84 19

  3. Onion Packages Feed for OpenWRT

    Makefile 100 55

  4. Technical drawings for Onion products

    7 1

  5. Onion-Media Public

    Repository for Onion visual media

    2 4

  6. source Public

    Forked from lede-project/source

    Onion's fork of OpenWRT's source build system. The firmware for the Omega2, Omega2+, and Omega2 Pro is based on the openwrt-18.06 branch.

    C 76 67



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