Backend para desarrollar soluciones para Registros Públicos de la Propiedad.
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About Empiria Land

Empiria Land is a suite of powerful solutions that provide information services for land recording offices, cadastral departments and other land management governmental organizations.

This repository corresponds to the system's backend just for the Land Recording System.

The project is based on C# 6.0 and .NET Framework 4.6 and the web API is tailored on ASP .NET Web API 2.2.

As other Empiria products, this backend runs over Empiria Framework components and, as usual, needs some of the Empiria Extensions.

The project can be compiled using Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.


Empiria Land includes the following software components:

  1. Registration Services
    Classes and other types used for document and recording acts registration.

  2. Certification Services
    Contains types to manage and emit official certificates related to land ownership.

  3. Transaction Services
    Services to manage customer's front-desk and external system transactions.

  4. Documentation Services
    Code to control imaging processing for recording books and scanned documents.

  5. User Interface Services
    Provides Html parsing services especially tailored to display and reuse Empiria Land user interfaces.

  6. Web API (HTTP/REST-based)
    Http/Json RESTful type web services used to communicate with third party systems, to emit certificates and perform data searching operations.


Folder docs contains a web site with the full code documentation. It can be downloaded and installed in the web server of your preference.

There, database.scripts.sql file contains the full database script for SQL Server 2014, and it includes the full set of tables, views, functions and stored procedures.

database.structure.pdf contains a general view map of the database.

components.pdf file presents a general view map of the system.


This system is distributed by the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Óntica always delivers open source information systems, and we consider that it is specially important in the case of public utility or government systems.


Copyright © 2009-2018. La Vía Óntica SC, Ontica LLC and colaborators.