Everything has moved to a new repo: https://github.com/OokTech/TW5-BobEXE/releases TiddlyWiki5 Packaged with the multi-user plugin in a single executable file. This isn't meant as a place to contribute to, it is just do distribute the compiled files in the releases. See the readme below.
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Everything has moved to a new repo https://github.com/OokTech/TW5-BobEXE/releases

Everything new will be there.

The old readme is below

This a version of tiddlywiki using the Bob plugin

It is packaged as a single executable so you don't need to install anything to use the node version of tiddlywiki with multi-user support and the other features of Bob.


Download the executable for your system and copy it to where you want your wiki to be. And then run it. (On osx or linux you may have to make it executable)

The executables are listed here: https://github.com/OokTech/TW5-SingleExecutable/releases

When you run the executable it will create a wiki folder for you, start the wiki server and then open up the wiki in your default browser.

After that it is the same as a normal tiddlywiki running Bob.

The default tiddler has some additional instructions.

Below here is only developer stuff, you should ignore it.

To get the repo at the correct version

git clone --branch v5.1.17 https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5.git --depth 1