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Cameo MDK Expression

GitHub release (latest by date) Jira CircleCI Language grade: Java

AsciiMathML based expression editor. Cameo MDK Expression is a plugin for Cameo Systems Modeler and other No Magic environment bundles.




  1. Download the Cameo MDK Expression plugin, e.g. mdk-expression-*

  2. Run CSM. From the main menu, select "Help" > "Resource/Plugin Manager". Resource/Plugin Manager

  3. Click "Import", navigate to the downloaded Cameo MDK Expression plugin, and click "Open".

  4. CSM should confirm installation with the following prompt.

    MDK Installation Confirmation

  5. Restart CSM. To check installation, select from the main menu "Help" > "Resource/Plugin Manager" > "Plugins (no cost)" and ensure a row exists for "MDK Expression" and its status is "Installed" with the correct version. MDK Installed

Cameo MDK Expression can also be installed headlessly by simply unzipping the plugin archive into the directory that CSM is installed in.


Documentation can be accessed online or offline in CSM from the main menu "Help" > "Other Documentation" > "MDK [...] UserGuide".

Local Development

Cameo MDK Expression is a Java project that uses the Gradle build tool. It can be imported as a Gradle project in IDEs like IntelliJ and Eclipse.

Common Tasks

  • ./gradlew dependencies will download all necessary dependencies.
  • ./gradlew assemble will compile the plugin from source.
  • ./gradlew distZip will package the installable plugin.
  • ./gradlew installDist will install the plugin in a staging environment.
  • ./gradlew runJava will interactively run CSM with the plugin installed from the staging environment.

Task dependencies are declared such that all necessary prerequisites are executed/cached, e.g. runJava will first dependencies, assemble, distZip, etc.