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Open APC schema

The schema provides guidance on how to contribute to the Open APC initiative. Every line describes a column in our dataset. Where input is not required, we automatically fetch and add the information, if available. Discontinued columns were removed from the dataset.

Mandatory and optional columns

Only the first 5 columns are mandatory in all cases. The 4 columns marked as optional are required only if at least one of the articles listed in your contribution does not have a DOI assigned. In that case, the articles in question have to provide these 4 data fields as additional information (Example).

column column_old description source input_required
institution Institution Top-level organisation which covered the fee, e.g. Bielefeld University none mandatory
period Period Year of APC payment (YYYY) none mandatory
euro EURO The amount that was paid in EURO. Includes VAT and additional fees none mandatory
doi doi Digital Object Identifier none mandatory
is_hybrid is_hybrid Has the article been published in a toll access journal? none mandatory
publisher publisher Name of publication house that has charged the fee CrossRef optional
journal_full_title journal_full_title Full name of periodical that contains the article CrossRef optional
issn issn International Standard Serial Number CrossRef optional
issn_print issn_print International Standard Serial Number - print version CrossRef no
issn_electronic issn_electronic International Standard Serial Number - electronic version CrossRef no
issn_l issn_l Linking International Standard Serial Number ISSN International Centre no
license_ref license_ref License under which the research paper has been published CrossRef no
indexed_in_crossref indexed_in_CrossRef checks if the contribution is registered with the DOI agency CrossRef CrossRef no
pmid pmid id for metadata records indexed in Europe Pubmed Central (Europe PMC) Europe PMC no
pmcid pmcid id for articles available in Europe PubMed Central full text collection Europe PMC no
ut wos_ut Web of Science unique item id Web of Science no
url -- URL to article if no DOI is available none optional
doaj DOAJ Is the journal indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) ? DOAJ no
-- base_url Base URL of repository or CRIS that stores additional metadata discontinued
-- repo_id ID of the institutional metadata record discontinued

Suggesting new metadata fields

To suggest new metadata fields, please use the Open APC issue tracker.

Column naming conventions

  • lower case
  • use underscore to seperate words

Related Work

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