Importing PIL causes crash on V3 Beta6 #1665

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The following code works fine on ubuntu, OSX, and Windows, but is crashing the latest Openelec beta

log("Importing PIL as extra features are activated.")
from PIL import Image

I am using this in my OzWeather addon (in the main XBMC repo). If you want to try it out, configure it with the following settings - postcode 3032 and radar code IDR022

I'd like to provide more info but basically it gets to that line, crashes, and there's no more info in the log.

(@sruae - long ago I helped you test importing PIL for precisely this add on when it was not yet available on OE, and it has since worked all through the Eden versions...I have only noticed this with a recent move to Frodo).


Note it is the second time the addon is run that causes the crash (weather is retrieved very half an hour)


I have submitted a pull request for my addon in the xbmc repo to reduce the updates of the backgrounds, so the crash will occur only once a week if there is no reboot inbetween, but the second run of ANY addon that use the from PIL import image code will cause the crash as far as I can tell.


Happy to report - Issue is gone with RC1

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