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Chronicle Map

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Chronicle Map is a super-fast, in-memory, non-blocking, key-value store, designed for low-latency, and/or multi-process applications such as trading and financial market applications. See Features doc for more information.

The size of a Chronicle Map is not limited by memory (RAM), but rather by the available disk capacity.

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Use cases

Chronicle Map is used in production around the world for:

  • real-time trading systems. Chronicle Map provides in-memory access speeds, and supports ultra-low garbage collection. Chronicle Map can support the most demanding of applications.

  • highly concurrent systems. Chronicle Map supports multiple readers and writers, distributed across multiple machines.

Why use Chronicle Map?

Chronicle Map is:

  • fast. Millions of operations per second, with low and stable microsecond latencies for reads and writes. Write queries scale well up to the number of hardware execution threads in the server. Read queries never block each other.

  • reliable. Chronicle Software have a “chaos monkey” test which verifies Chronicle Map multi-master replication in the face of node and network failures. The map can optionally be persisted to disk.

  • in production at banks and hedge funds, globally.

  • built using lessons learnt from real-world experience solving real-world problems.

  • open source (standard version), and in use at hundreds of sites around the world.

Our offering

Chronicle Software provides full support for Chronicle Map, consulting to help you make best use of the product, and can also deliver projects using a mix of our resources and your own.

Replication Environment Example

The following diagram shows an example of Chronicle Map replication over three servers (or sites). Chronicle Map Replication is part of Chronicle Map (Enterprise Edition); a commercially supported version of our successful open source Chronicle Map.

docs\images\Configure Three Way Replication

Replication is multi-master, lock-free, redundant, deterministic, and eventually consistent.

The writer can optionally wait for replication to occur across nodes or regions.

See Chronicle Map Replication for more information.


The Chronicle Map documentation comprises:

Table 1. Documentation




Features description.


Replication explanation.




Frequently asked questions.


Downloading the software.


Updates from Chronicle Map version 2.


Compatibility and Versioning description.

Linked documentation is contained in the docs folder.

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