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Chronicle Software : Open Source

Open Source components of Chronicle Software


  1. Chronicle-Queue Chronicle-Queue Public

    Micro second messaging that stores everything to disk

    Java 3.1k 512

  2. Chronicle-Queue-Demo Chronicle-Queue-Demo Public

    Sample programs for Chronicle Queue

    Java 64 49

  3. Chronicle-Wire Chronicle-Wire Public

    A Low Garbage Java Serialisation Library that supports multiple formats

    Java 459 116

  4. Chronicle-Map Chronicle-Map Public

    Replicate your Key Value Store across your network, with consistency, persistance and performance.

    Java 2.7k 457

  5. Java-Thread-Affinity Java-Thread-Affinity Public

    Bind a java thread to a given core

    Java 1.7k 349

  6. Java-Runtime-Compiler Java-Runtime-Compiler Public

    Java Runtime Compiler

    Java 614 178


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