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The complete description of the annotation workflow can be found here, and an updated version here. Steps below only explain the process of selection of a text for annotation.

  1. Open the priority list. It is organized chronologically and is searcheable (the field with a magnifying glass, saying Search this file).
  2. Texts with priority are the ones that should be annotated. Work in chronological order. Texts up to 1000 AH are of top priority.
  3. While the priority list will be updated regularly, you should check if a text is not being annotated. To do so, go to issues and, in the Field FILTER, search for the URI of the book that you want to annotate (use either complete URI, like 0597IbnJawzi.Muntazam, or Author's URI 0597IbnJawzi, or the title of the book like Muntazam; note: if you search for IbnJawzi nothing will be found).
  4. Check results in both open and closed issues. If nothing found, you can start working on the selected text. (git fork > git clone > annotate).
  5. Before you proceed, open an issue (issues > New Issue), using IN PROGRESS template.
  6. After you finish annotating, send a pull request, close your IN PROGRESS ISSUE, and open another issue using Submission report (for Pull Requests) template.

A note for the project curators

You can create an URGENT issue to assignn specific text to a specific person. Go to ISSUES > New Issue > select URGENT template > Follow the instructions in the template.

Used IDs

IDs for Collections

Alwaraq al-Warrāq One of the earliest online collections of digital Arabic books
AOCP1 Arabic-script OCR Catalyst Project (Phase 1) Books OCR'ed during the first phase of this project
AOCP2 Arabic-script OCR Catalyst Project (Phase 2) Books OCR'ed during the second phase of this project
ALCorpus Arabic and Latin Corpus A collection of Arabic-Latin translations of the 10th to 14th centuries AD
ArabCommAph Arabic Commentaries on the Hippocratic Aphorisms Collection of Arabic commentaries on the Aphorisms ascribed to Hippocrates, collected by Peter Pormann's ERC project
BibleCorpus Bible Corpus A multilingual parallel corpus of Bible translations
DARE Digital Averroes Research Environment Digital editions of Ibn Rushd’s works and their translations
DSS Department of Syriac Studies / Dāʾirat al-Dirāsāt al-Suryāniyya Christian texts from the patriarchate of Antakya
EScr Escriptorium Books OCRed through eScriptorium; for details of transcription models, see version yml-file
GRAR Graeco-Arabic Studies Corpus A Digital Corpus for Graeco-Arabic Studies
Filaha The Filāḥa Project Arabic books on husbandry
Hindawi Hindawi Books published by the Hindawi foundation
JK al-Jāmiʿ al-kabīr Books digitized by Jordanian publisher Markaz al-Turāṯ
JMIHE Jewish-Muslim Intellectual History Entangled Publication of texts from the Karaite Library in Cairo, now in St Petersburg
Kraken - - Books OCRed through Kraken; for details of transcription models, see version yml-file
LAL Library of Arabic Literature Arabic editions and English translations of significant works of Arabic literature
MP Muslim Philosophy Website on Muslim Philosophy; mostly links to editions but produced some MS Word editions themselves
PAL Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus Arabic translations of and commentaries on Ptolemy's works
SAWS Sharing Ancient Wisdoms Collection of Wisdom texts in Arabic and other languages
Shamela al-Maktabaŧ al-Šāmilaŧ Large digital open-access library, scraped ca. 2014
Sham19Y al-Maktabaŧ al-Šāmilaŧ (2019 additions) additional scrape in October 2019
Sham30K al-Maktabaŧ al-Šāmilaŧ (30.000 texts) Official version + large amount of additional texts
ShamAY (gift) Official version of al-Maktabaŧ al-Šāmilaŧ + private collection of digitized books
ShamIbadiyya al-Maktabaŧ al-Šāmilaŧ al-Ibāḍiyyaŧ Collection of Ibāḍī texts by the Algerian Jamʿiyyaŧ al-Turāṯ, packaged in a Maktaba Shamela instance
Shia al-Maktabaŧ al-Šīʿiyyaŧ Text collection by the Ayatollah Milani Foundation
Tafsir al-Tafāsīr Collection of Qur'ān commentaries by the Jordanian Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought
Wiki Wīkī Maṣdar Texts from Arabic Wikisource
Yatim (texts for which we do not have text files yet)
Zaydiyya al-Maktabaŧ al-Šāmilaŧ al-Zaydiyyaŧ Collection of Zaydī texts, packaged in a Maktaba Shamela instance

IDs for Individual Contributions

LMN Lorenz Matthias Nigst KITAB
GVDB Gowaart Van Den Bossche KITAB
JT Jan Thiele CSIC
Khismatulin Alexei Khismatulin IOM RAS, St.Peterburg
MGR Maxim Romanov Universität Hamburg, KITAB
SBS Sarah Bowen Savant KITAB
AQ Aslisho Qurboniev KITAB
PES P. Elie Saade Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik, Lebanon
PV Peter Verkinderen KITAB
SPL Simon Peter Loynes -
NA Najib Ali Queen Mary University, London
MAS Mohammed Abdisalam Abdillahi Queen Mary University, London
SLB Syed Lorenzo Bukhari Queen Mary University, London
FAQ Fatima Ali Aqiil Queen Mary University, London
YR Yossi Rapoport Queen Mary University, London


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