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Repository for OpenIV localization files and stuff.

This instruction is applied to OpenIV 2.9 and newer.

Translate OpenIV

You can translate OpenIV into your native language, this instruction will guide you how to do it. Also, you can contribute improvements and fixes into existing localizations.

Localization files

To get started you need localization files, you can find them in your OpenIV folder: C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio\Apps\OpenIV\Resources\Languages

Or in this repository here: /master/OpenIV/Resources/Languages


To edit XML files we recommend you to use text editor with syntax highlight. For example Notepad++. You can also validate your XML files and check their syntax using Notepad++ XML Tools plugin.

Language folder

When you creating your new localization you need to copy en_GB folder and correctly name it. You can find folder name for your language in this list.

Editing LIP.xml

The LIP.xml file is metadata file that describes your localization pack.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<LanguageInterfacePack version='291' ID='2057' active="true">
		<Contributor link="">OpenIV Team</Contributor>

In this file you need to set correct language ID, you can find ID name for your language in this list.

When you edit existing localization, you must add your name into Contributors section of this file.

Using constants

In your localization, you can use the following constants:

Constant Value
$AppName$ OpenIV
$WebName$ WebIV
$ModsFolder$ "mods"
$ModsFolderPath$ mods\
$ModsFolderAsi$ OpenIV.ASI
Game specific Constants

The following constants will be different for each game. In this table, we will show GTA V values as example.

Constant Value
$RageEncryptionStorage$ GTA5.exe
$RageGAME$ Grand Theft Auto V
$RageGAME_MP$ GTA Online

Changes between OpenIV versions

Every time new OpenIV version released, you probably need to update your localization with new strings and changes. You can find list of changes here.

Submitting your localizations

If you are familiar with GitHub, you can submit your localization right here. If you are not familiar with it, you can send your localizations by contacting us on forums:

Translate OpenIV Setup

Not yet ready.