Open-Source IoT Cloud infrastructure designed to facilitate the integration of IoT objects into (UI) functionalities.
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IoT Cloud infrastructure based on Docker stack (Docker, Docker-Compose, Docker Swarm) designed to facilitate the integration of objects into apps. Makers should now have a simple tool and lots of guidelines to cover the technical space between the sensor and (UI) functionality.


License: Apache License 2.0

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IoT Cloud infrastructure represents the Software Layer of the OpenIoT community, along with the : Infrastructure Layer - the Open LoRaWan network deployed currently in the area of Vienna and part of the global Open initiative TheThingsNetwork Community Layer - a group of passionate people in love with innovation and personal IoT practicants - eager to bring the power of IoT in their life. The purpose of the Software Layer is to fill-in the technical gaps for any Maker by providing him with the necessary tools, examples and infrastructure. A Maker should just MAKE with less friction as possible.

The most outstanding features are:

it is built with one purpose in mind - build IoT Apps, therefore design, tools and architecure are all IoT centric it guides any user, hands-on, from the sensor to UI functionality it is highly extensible as at the core it is based on NodeRed Open-Source IoT tool currently extended with hundreds of nodes, very flexible as the whole workflow is based on scripting (NodeRed > NodeJS < JS ) very scalable as the whole deployment is based on Docker stack very robust as it comes with a series of JAVA micro-services dealing with Persistence through connection pools(RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MySql, Redis)

Technical stack:

Docker stack (Docker, Docker-Compose, Docker-Swarm) CLOUD(AWS, AZURE, GCP) IOT UI (Freeboard, Geckoboard) AMQP (RabbitMQ) REDIS Nodered RaspberryPI (Raspbian, NOOBS, etc ) Ruby NoSQLDB(mongodb) Java 8 (functional programming) Spring Boot Spring Framework (Spring security; Spring MVC;Spring MVC RESTful; JDBC; JPA; JMS) Gradle



Go to the root directory and execute

(For Linux) docker-compose up

(For Windows) docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f up