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Newts circleci

Newts is a time-series data store based on Apache Cassandra.


High throughput
Newts is built upon Apache Cassandra, a write-optimized, fully distributed partioned row store.
Grouped access
It's common to collect, store, and retrieve metrics together, (think bytes in and bytes out, or 1, 5, and 15 minute load averages.); Newts allows for similar metrics to be grouped together, for more efficient storage and retrieval.
Late aggregation
Most time-series solutions perform in-line aggregations for purposes of later ploting visualizations, even though the ratio of reads to write is staggeringly small. Newts performs plot aggregations at the time of the read.
Searchable Metadata
Fully searchable sample resource metadata.

More information can be found in the project Wiki, or the homepage.