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Java web app that serves as a basic proxy to provide a Maven repository front-end to p2 (Eclipse-style) repositories
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P2 Maven Resolver

This project is a Maven plugin to allow basic resolution of artifacts from a p2 (Eclipse-style) repository.


To use this plugin, add it to the <build> section of your project's Pom with <extensions>true</extensions>. Then, add a repository with <layout>p2</layout> pointing at a location containing an "artifacts.jar" file and a "plugins" directory. Once that is set up, you can refer to p2-hosted artifacts with a groupId matching the id of the repository you add.

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
		<!-- the plugin is hosted in OpenNTF's Maven repository -->

			<id>org.eclipse.p2.repo</id>   <!-- defines the groupId to be used below -->

			<groupId>org.eclipse.p2.repo</groupId>   <!-- matches id of the repo above -->


Dependency Handling

When generating Poms for the p2 artifacts, this provider created <dependency> entries for bundles referenced in Require-Bundle headers that are contained within the same repository, as well as for embedded Jars within the same bundle.

Embedded Jars

To access a Jar embedded inside an OSGi artifact directly, use the embedded Jar's base name as a classifier:

    <classifier>example.embedded</classifier>   <!-- matches example.embedded.jar -->

If the embedded Jar is within a directory, it should be referenced with a "$" in place of the "/":

    <classifier>lib$example.embedded</classifier>   <!-- matches lib/example.embedded.jar -->


This provider handles source Jars by looking for a bundle of the same artifact ID plus ".source" when asked for the "sources" classifier.

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