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The OpenNebula Linux contextualization packages arrive in the major update. We have refreshed the Amazon EC2 contextualization via dedicated one-context-ec2 packages, focusing on the systemd targets (CentOS 7, Debian 9 and Ubuntu 16.04). Alpine Linux contextualization scripts were merged from separate repo to align the quality and support with the rest of Linux contextualization scripts. Also, we now provide Alpine Linux 3.6 apk package. Packages now have more complete dependencies and /etc/one-context.d/ scripts aren't set as configuration files to prevent problems with leftovers on upgrades. Scripts should avoid long timeouts if the contextualization sources are missing (EC2, vCenter), the sudo is configured for the unprivileged user (set via USERNAME), and primary IP detection has been vastly improved.

  • gh-62: On non-EC2 fetching the EC2 user-data can take too long to fail
  • gh-78: Update EC2 Context packages (supported: CentOS 7, Debian 9, Ubuntu 16.04)
  • gh-80: Merge Alpine context packages
  • gh-82: systemd timed out waiting for the context device (vCenter)
  • gh-84: Only selected files in /etc are config files
  • gh-88, gh-89: Unprivileged user not able became a root
  • Reconfigure command not passed to the contextualization scripts
  • Unlink /etc/resolv.conf if symlinked (systemd-resolved)
  • Improved primary IP address detection
  • More packages dependencies

Contextualization scripts are compatible with the OpenNebula versions from 4.6 to 5.4.