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The Open Perpetuum Project's fork of the Perpetuum Standalone Server
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The Open Perpetuum Server

This is a fork of the Official Perpetuum Server as released by Avatar Creations here.
This server is developed under the direction of the Open Perpetuum Project game design and development team; a 100% volunteer opensource player development and persistant Perpetuum Server hosting project.

To join the Team, find our call for volunteers on our website here! where you will also find our Volunteer Survey.

If you have any questions about joining the team hit us up on discord!

To see what we are working on acquaint yourself with our:

To contribute, join the team and we will get you up and running, or, show us your moxie and submit a pull request!

Note: This is a divergent fork and changes within may not be generally applicable outside of the Open Perpetuum Project.

Open Perpetuum does not provide technical support and is in no way affiliated with Avatar Creations.
Use at your own risk. See LICENSE for details.

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